Diamond Search Service
Diamond Search Service

Diamond Search Service

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Every human being is unique and so is every diamond. Thanks to our global presence and strong network, we are able to source any stone in the world for you. Some websites list massive complicated lists of diamonds that they offer for sale, often from third party vendors (e.g. James Allen, Blue Nile, Brilliance). It is impossible to have every stone one can desire in our inventory, and we do not list third party vendors' diamonds on our website because we cannot verify the quality and integrity of these. We also do not believe in pushing you to buy a diamond from our existing inventory, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. This is why we offer a search service. 

Regardless of how specific or general your request is, we will work our best to find three diamonds that match your requirements and budget. We will then set up a virtual or in person viewing which allows you to inspect the stones and ask any questions. Once you've chosen the stone of your liking, we will use our knowledge and position in the market to buy it at the best price for you. We can then ship you the loose diamond or work with you to tailor a handmade jewelry piece exceeding all your desires. 

Diamonds are graded by independent gemological laboratories that follow strict guidelines. At Richdiam we've made the concious decision to only work with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). We do this because they have the strictest grading parameters and are considered the foremost authority in gemology. The GIA grades diamonds according to four main parameters called the four Cs.

The four Cs are Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity. To learn more about the four Cs and how diamond grading works, go to our article called 'The Four Cs' under the Education section of our website.

Diamonds come in all possible colors imaginable, from blue, to yellow, to green, and even to red. When the color of a diamond is sufficiently obvious, the stone is not graded on the same D-Z scale as colorless diamonds. We call this category of diamonds Fancy Colored

Just like colorless diamonds, the pricing is based on the four Cs. However, in this category, color is the most important determinant of rarity and price. The color is graded in detail and differences in these color grades can command massive price differences due to rarity. All our colored diamonds are certified by the GIA, as they are the foremost authority recognized by the industry in grading fancy colored diamonds. 

To learn more about fancy colored diamonds and how they are graded, read our 'Fancy Colored Diamonds' article under the education section on our website. 

Since we are a small global family business, we are able to unlock deeper value than traditional jewelry houses. A traditional retailer needs to pay rent on their brick and mortar locations, has a huge marketing budget, and employs numerous sales representatives. All these costs are charged through to the customer. When working with us, the customer benefits from our lean and agile way of working. Since we do not maintain physical retail locations and our customers reach us through word-of-mouth, we can pass on our savings to you. Another benefit is that the customer always enjoys our personal guidance and has a say in every step of the process, this is something a sales representative at a traditional jewelry house cannot offer. We look forward to guiding you through your diamond buying process with full transparancy and sincerity. 

To learn more about the value of working with us, read the 'Why Work With Us?' article under the 'About Us' section on our website.