The Richdiam Story - Natural Colored Diamond Experts

Planning a diamond at Richdiam Founded as a diamond trading company in 1989 in Antwerp, Belgium; Richdiam specializes in the manufacturing and dealing of fancy colored diamonds.
The company opened a New York branch in 2003 to better serve its loyal customers in the Americas. In 2013, Richdiam Limited in Hong Kong was established to develop and maintain valued relationships throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our expertise in natural colored diamonds and precious stones is recognized worldwide within the industry and has contributed to our excellent reputation.
All our stones are cut by expertGIA Pear Shape 2.08 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Diamond diamond polishers in New York, NY and Antwerp, Belgium. Among our customers are prestigious jewelry houses, collectors of rare diamonds, institutional investors, and loving couples seeking a unique engagement ring or gift. As Richdiam is a family owned and operated business, we personally guarantee the quality and integrity of the products we sell. Our goal is to share our love for these colorful creations of the earth with the world. 
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