Why Work With Us?

A Truly Personal Experience

Rough Diamond on Scale by Richdiam

The Richdiam team consists of three family members and support staff. Each of the family members is an expert in the fields of rough diamond assessment, diamond cutting and polishing, jewelry design, and jewelry production. Every customer has direct contact with one of our family members and unlimited access to our knowledge and advice at every stage of the buying process. Since each diamond or gemstone we own is unique, each piece of jewelry is tailored to the stone as well as our customer's preferences. We never make the same piece twice. 


The Most Exclusive Diamonds and Precious Stones

Rough White Diamond by Richdiam

After more than thirty years operating globally, we have built strong relationships with the top diamond and jewelry experts from all over the world. Many important stones have passed through our hands. Apart from our unique collection we've built over the years, we have access to the rarest and most coveted stones in the world through our relationships. We always listen to our customer's expectations: if our collection does not include the stone our customer desires, we can either produce the stone ourselves from rough or source it from our extensive network. Our goal is delivering on our customer's dreams. 


The Value of Working with Us

Jewelry by Richdiam

Since we are a small global family business, we are able to unlock deeper value than traditional jewelry houses. A traditional retailer needs to pay rent on their brick and mortar locations, has a huge marketing budget, and employs numerous sales representatives. All these costs are charged through to the customer. When working with us the customer benefits from our lean and agile way of working: since we do not maintain physical retail locations and our customers reach us through word-of-mouth, we can pass on our savings to you. Another benefit is that the customer always enjoys our personal guidance and has a say in every step of the process, this is something a sales representative at a traditional jewelry house cannot offer. We look forward to guiding you through your diamond buying process with full transparancy and sincerity. 

A Relationship Based on Trust: Commitment Free

Polishing Wheel Diamonds by Richdiam

We understand that buying jewelry is a significant purchase that requires a certain level of trust. This is why we encourage our customers to get to know us and benefit from our advice before committing to any purchase. If you would like to get to know us, we invite you to schedule a commitment free thirty minute consultation with one of our team members. Whether you simply want to get to know us or are ready to embark on your personal jewelry journey, we would love to get to know you.